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WELCOME  TO LONE STAR RANCH // TRANSPORT  We are a family owned & operated horse Ranch in North East Ga , Our main goal is to tell you about JESUS CHRIST then if we can match you up with a horse thats a blessing too !  We ride & train horses mainly specializing in trail horses , we try to spook proof all the horses that come through our farm  some work out better than others Just remember there is no such thing as a perfect horse. Horses are a lot like people they have good & bad days , We just like to see the good out number the bad !!!! so Bring your Honey & bring your Money & LISTEN  please  PRAY about the horse before you purchase it & let the Lord lead you.. We can only sell you the horse not the experience   GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR HORSE ADVENTURE   

Cowboys & lifetime dreams come together
3 red necks,1 camera,1 pvc pipe & lots of PRAYER!!
"The Wilbanks boy's "Telling people about JESUS & ridng horses."Now that's the LIFE!!
million miles to a gallon!
Sarah, pulling the PVC pipe {BOMBPROOF TRAING CLASS}
         At Lone Star Ranch we specialize in trail-safe horses for the beginners.
BOMBPROOF:: means 357 magnum shooting off the horse multiple times If your scared say your scared. AMEN
for I have learned,in whatsoever state I am there with to be content. PHILIPPIANS 4:11 KJV
<<"Benefits of home schooling in the south">>
And all things whatsoever ye ask in prayer believing ye shall receive: MATT: 21:22
Rodney & Brandy on the 2008 wild west ministry
Kaleb say's he can ride anything come 'on Cowboy up!!

 check out the video's too !!! 
PROVERBS 29:18  
Where there is no vision the people parish ::: or VIDEO in this CASE -: